Sunday, August 17, 2008

Damned Good Spam!

Here's a sample of what's showing up in my spam file lately. They all say they're from MSNBC. I wish they were real!

BREAKING NEWS: [video] Bush Tours America To Survey Damage Caused By His Di...

BREAKING NEWS: Iran Kicks America In The Nuts

BREAKING NEWS: Elvis is alive! Watch the proof.

BREAKING NEWS: Gays Banned From Owning Pets In New York

BREAKING NEWS: Rapper 50 Cent To Be John Mccains Choice For Vp

BREAKING NEWS: Unemployed To Be Used For Soup

BREAKING NEWS: School Board Adopts Gay-Ass Uniform Policy

BREAKING NEWS: Brave Suicide Bomber Survives Blast!

BREAKING NEWS: Barack Obama Caught In A Time Warp

BREAKING NEWS: Arkansas Democratic chair shot at HQ dies

BREAKING NEWS: Michigan 'Joker' Sentenced To 1 Day In Jail

BREAKING NEWS: UK Government Put on 'Special Measures' - Private Managers t...

BREAKING NEWS: Airlines Roll Out New Punch-In-The-Face Fee

BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive: Barack Obama Can Fly Through The Air Like That Gu...


cheezel said...

Don't click! There's a virus under one of those links!

Dawno said...

I rarely go into my spam folder anymore, unless I suspect something I've been waiting on has accidently ended up there. Which is why I checked it just a few minutes ago and saw exactly what you mentioned!

One of them is a real story (the Arkansas Democratic chair who died), but the rest, yeah, pretty wild. Did you get the one about the Nancy Pelosi video, too?

I'm also getting a lot of spam that's all weird little boxes with numbers in them.

Needless to say, none are opened!

I just wish the email I was looking for would show up so I don't have to wade through the junk again.

Paprikapink said...

Good point. You're right -- don't click those links! I knew they weren't real, but I moused over them anyway, just to see the URL in the whatever-that-field-is-called box at the bottom. It was definitely bogus, but I remember thinking it was a pretty deceptive fake.

I scan my spam folder every day or so and delete everything. Ever since that famous writer, Frank Baron, told that wonderful story of the fanmail he got that he almost missed because it somehow went to spam.