Thursday, August 14, 2008

We Should Never Scrap Books Out of Fear of Fanatics

The only criticism of a religion that can have a constructive, lasting effect on that religion will come from the practitioners of that religion, or from people who have grown up in that culture. In many ways it's similar to race, or nationality, or even family. I can spend hours complaining about my mother, but if you do it, hey - shut up! Not to say that it's reasonable for any group to respond to criticism with violence or censorship. But it's not reasonable to assume that the only reason not to criticize is fear of violence or censorship. The other reason is because it's simply not constructive.

Too many religions over the centuries have suffered tremendous oppression and suppression by others who wanted to eliminate their beliefs or even the culture that those beliefs grew out of. How can we be certain that our disdain for the values of another religion is any different from the disdain that European Christians felt for Native American spirituality [or, insert any historical episode of religious persecution here] and used to justify their oppression of that religion (or genocide, as the case may be)?
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