Sunday, September 07, 2008

I'm Voting for McCain... And Yes, I Wrote the <em>Us Weekly</em> Cover Story

Okay, I admit I only read the top six comments -- but not one of them was relevant to the topic of the post. She mentions that she is pro-McCain as an incidental, to illustrate that she is not a "liberal media," knee-jerk, Republican-basher: she "bashed" Palin because she had no choice. Palin is just that bashable; even thoes who want to like her and be her fans are in trouble. She's got so much baggage (all full of dirty laundry) Palin's becoming a liability to everyone connected with her. I think this author deserves plaudits for telling it like it is even in the face of hostile, delusional readers. I'm sure she came here for a little relief, to write for thoughtful, realistic readers...and this is the reception she gets? Sheesh.
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