Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Economic Life Blather

Maybe it's good to be a little scared, like seriously wary, on high alert, like a mouse who has to run out for a berry when the owl is on the wing. It can be invigorating. It's like we've been numb for the past 30 years and now the feeling's coming back as a tingling in our fingers and toes.

Last night we drove over a high arching bridge in a dark rural area. My daughter wondered how we could be sure the road continued beyond the black horizon which was all we could see. It really did look as if we'd go over the crest and then --------- free fall. We drove on. The road did continue beneath us. We felt lucky.

We've been a one-income family ekeing out a living on credit cards for eight years. We're fairly safe from losing that one income, but in this environment "fairly" isn't so safe.

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