Thursday, January 22, 2009

Gaza on my mind

My friend Miguel shared a link to this great article by Gideon Levy, a dissenting voice in Israel. An excerpt:
We have gained nothing in this war save hundreds of graves, some of them very small, thousands of maimed people, much destruction and the besmirching of Israel's image.
Thanks, Miguel. This guy does a great job of making a point that has been really bothering me: How could the Israelis do this to *themselves*? How could they do it to the people of Gaza is sickeningly mystifying on its own; it makes the first question seem trivial, but it's still a deeply troubling question. I'm amazed, in fact, to realize just how deeply troubled I feel by it. I don't have any particular emotional attachment to either Israel or Palestine, but I just can't get this off my mind. It's really a nightmare emotionally, morally, politically -- on every level.

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