Thursday, November 03, 2005

Today was a bit better.

Last I checked, I got 10 rep points today at the AW writers' forum. That's the most I ever got in one day. Yes, I went back through history and counted.

I wrote some more. I let go of the idea that my nano novel has to actually be a novel and went back to reality, which is that it is just a chance for me to flex my creative muscles. Well, to exercise my creative flab so that maybe a little muscle will develop.

Also today, Lana got to play her new viola. That was happy.

Larissa played at aftercare.

The sky today was about as beautiful as a sky can be. The clouds looked like bars of soap that are almost all used up. The rays of the sun shone down like they'd been drawn by someone with too literal an idea of what a Sun Ray is. And off to the east, there were rays coming up from the ground. That, I couldn't reconcile.

I've written less than 5,000 words in my nano file, that's below my target. But I'm going to bed cuz I'm berry berry sleepy. Eyes closing.


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