Saturday, November 05, 2005

In my neverending quest to not be productive...

...I'll give you a little update. I'm over 5K words in my NaNo. That's better than under, but it's more than 2K below where I need to be by the end of today. So, maybe I'll actually write in there a bit today. Yesterday I wrote nearly nothin. I spent way too much time getting "caught" up with reading the AW board. Caught is the right word.

What else transpired yesterday? Oh, yes, after an absence of many months, I went back to Vickie's Ceramics to see if Larissa's still unfinished birthday plate was still there. (Her birthday, please note was in FEBRUARY!) Halleylooya! It was. I brought it home with me and bought the glazes that I'll need to finish it. Since I only need a few strokes to finish it, I'll have lots of leftover glaze, so I bought some more little pieces of pottery to paint, too. The girls each got a big tile. They had fun working on them, but then larissa's fatigue and hunger took over and she cried and cried because she hates her so-o-o-o-o much. It's painful to be an artist. But she ate a lot at dinner.


Mark Pritchard said...

Wow, you're doing NaNoWriMo! That's so great.

Last year I tried it. During week 3 I was in a bookstore and overheard two people talking about it. One said: "I'm telling myself that the point is not finishing the 50,000 words, the point is giving yourself permission to start a novel."

Wise words. That said, almost anyone can do 1700 words a day if they don't let the evil voices stop them. Don't listen to the evil voices! Let your own voice range free!

Paprikapink said...

yup yup yup, Mark is right. 1700 (or more precisely, 1666.666667) words a day is a cinch. Getting those words past the Infernal Editor is the hard part.

Sometimes the Infernal Editor is so effective, one never even opens one's NaNo file. Sheesh.

(Hey, Mark! I didn't even know you were out there.)