Sunday, November 13, 2005

The sun's up, shining in my eyes

I don't have a place in my house that I use as my own place. I float here and there with my laptop. Often on my lap; right now it's on the kitchen table and the sun truly is shining directly into my face so I'm typing with my eyes closed. Which means I can't type any numbers. I have to look at those. Even though otherwise, I'm prietty fast. I don't even have to look to backspace.

It's so great that I have a blog that can reach anyone anywhere in the worlk, as long as they have an internet connection and a monitor with not too much glare. So I can share this in depth drivvel with the widest possible audience, naturally.

What could be more natural than sitting blinded by the sun and making little glyphs of light/dark on a flat surface that changes with each movement of my fingers and which when "Sent" can be viewiewiei looops, got lost there. Letterwise. Can be seen by anyone who can understand little glyphs on flat screens and has access to them? That the epitome of Nature.


I'da died a longo time ago naturally. I don't know if I've ever had a virus that didn't evolve into a secondary bacterial infection. A virul'll bring you down, the infection 'll put you under. That's why the earth is so crowded nowadays. Antibiotics are sowow. Lots fewer deaths. We just go on living and living and living. I'l all for it. I don't even mind that they build new housesess opps, got lost there, letter0wise, again. I don't even mind that they build new homes in my town. A lot of people don't approve of that, try to stop it. I'm sure those people don't want other people tostop taking antibiotics and reproducing, they just don't want them to be successful at it in their vicinity. Sharing space can lead to conflict. Gotta get more inner space. Don't have to share that.
At least, I don't think you do. I have spent a lot of time there. I'm just imagining, that coneptually, it' more peaceful. Naturally. Feeling wild. I'm clicking "publish" without reading this.

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