Wednesday, November 02, 2005

It was the second of November, that day I'll always remember

I have mere moments before I need to run out the door to pick up Lana at school, then she and I are off to West Sac to choose a new viola for her from our viola rentalist. She's very much looking forward to this.

And when I'm having mere moments, first Safari crashes, then the phone rings. Luckily, the ringing phone is Larissa being invited for a playdate. Both girls will be happy with that arrangement.

Today I was really really really struggling with that darn "novel." Feh. It sucks! I basically gave up and just began writing about my day, sorta like this, and then I had a very good idea. Some plot will happen next time I work on it. I haven't put plot idea into effect yet. Good question -- I was too busy goofing off I guess.

I did manage to get Larissa's dress made, to our mutual satisfaction and delight. I'm proud of it and gratified that she loves it! She was the cutest little witch you ever did see. Lana's costume turned out quite well too, but -- not "but," it's really a success of the costume, BUT as a could hardly tell it was Lana in there. She was completely disguised from tip to toe except for those two long braids.

What else was I freaking out about recently? I dunno, who cares? Why freak out? What, me worry?

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