Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Whale and the Raindrop

On the Absolute Write "Water Cooler" where I spend way too much time, some joker (Hi William) posted a poll a la "Do You Believe in God?" I answered thusly, and I liked this answer:

"So me, my experience is that there is some kinda uber force/entity/somethingorother out there/in here. And my personal sense is that It is about as aware of/concerned with humans and our rituals and dramas as a whale might be aware of a raindrop."

I didn't know it till I typed it.

It may not be true ("true") next time I answer the same question, I s'pose.

What will my novel be about? What a mystery awaits me. How will I do this thing? How will I get Larissa's dress made???????? between now (Tuesday eve, when I am about to go to sleep) and Friday morning, when the wrath of a spirited 7-year-old is scheduled to come down upon me?

Work on it all day tomorrow.

I'm a very sleepy person right now.

My arms are sleepy.

I have a vague fantasy of writing my novel on yellow legal pads and a fine Cross pen. Then typing it over and then writing some more. That was a good way to do rewrites when I was writing a lot in college. When I didn't know what else to do, I'd recopy what I'd already done.

I wonder if typing is really so much faster than writing? Any harder/easier on the tendons? Probably the variety is beneficial in any case.

I haven't written anything new of like essays/articles/stories all week? I wrote a haiku yesterday and submitted it. So that is something. And ha ha not much. Because it is not something that pays and the person I heard of the site to submit to from said it took 80 days for them to get back to her. Eighty days for 17 syllables. That's a lotta days per syllable.

Add Image. I'm going to click that and see what happens.

Oh, it sticks a photo in there at the top. That's a photo of the nearest "big" village to the little village where we lived this summer. Lovely, ain't it?

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b1-66er said...

but if you get paid
anything for your haiku
it's big value per