Friday, March 04, 2005

Long time no see!

I know, even calling it a cliche is giving it too much cache. "Long time no see." Where does that come from? Why doesn't it go back there?

Anyway. My point is that it's been weeks since I've been with you. Actually, you don't know it, but I was here a couple of days ago. But I misclicked somewhere and was quickly and brutally punished. All my writing erased. Vanished. Gone. Unread even. Anh. That's not so bad. It was drivel, after all.

No doubt.

So, elsewise. I did the dishes yesterday and felt a keen sense of satisfaction. And then, wouldn'tcha know it? That damn kitchen is full -- FULL -- of dirty dishes again. I didn't even cook last night. Oh, wait a minute there, yes I did. Kinduva funny dinner. Two crock-pots at once. You know, slow cookers. Slowly I cooked a chuck roast and some potatoes, starting yesterday morning. And then in the afternoon I started an Apple/Orange dessert thing. Both were ready for dinner. I love slow cooking. Both were even pretty good. Top secret (Betty Crocker told me, no lie!) you can put a whole jar of horseradish on your roast when you slow cooker it. The horseradish gets mellow as the cooking goes on. My kids didn't even detect it.

Oh so WHAT? That is among the stupider of paragraphs I've ever subjected another person to. It's a damn good thing no one reads this stupid blog.

My hands hurt when I type. Thank God I have some excuse for my writing. It hurts me too, okay? I'm sure that makes us all (all of me) feel better.

Lately I am the deeply grateful beneficiary of the long-term loan of an ibook! Isn't that fabulous? I haven't used it while connected to the internet yet. Yeternet. Something arresting about internet and yet right next to each other.

Okay. Nice try. I have nothing to say.



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