Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Latest

Yesterday Chris bought our plane tickets for France. Ohhh boy oh boy. When he called and started giving me dates and flight numbers my guts went squeezefliptwisttingle. (When I started typing, I didn't know how I was going to explain the sensation I had, but that pretty well did it.)

Now the girls and I need passports. I couldn't take us to get photos yesteday because my hair was badbadbad. Today too many errands. Mebbee tomorrow. Then where does one go to complete the paperwork? Post office?

Yesterday I sent an essay to Woman's Day. Oh my heavens.

Today I read the U.S. Travel Office (or something) website about foreign travel. I probably shouldn't have done that. Now I have fear of microbes. y'know they don't pastuerize dairy in France. We probably won't eat much meat, being with K&C who I think are vegetarians. But there'll be lots a water contact. Even if we drink bottled water, there's the fruit washing and stuff. Oh, don't be silly. We're not going to Paraguay.

I also somehow got very distracted by finding that each country they have information includes "Foreign Adoption Information." Well, not each country. But many. And many have Parental International Child Abduction information too. Well, now we know it is there if ever we want it.

Today I pruned our old roses. Too bad nobody got to watch. I'm sure it was comical as heck me struggling with those 9- and 10-foot thorny canes. I didn't do all of them. I used the "15 minute timer" trick and just did what I could in that amount of time. I cheated and went over by about 15 minutes. But I didn't just go out and do a marathon of pruning. I can do more tomorrow or probably Friday.

The weather: Gorgeous! That reminds me I've got to take off my long underwear before Lana and I head up to Placerville. I'd steammmmm.

Yes, this is rather boring. Yes indeed. But right you are, write I must.

Still. I have my limits.

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