Thursday, March 10, 2005

My kids hate my computer

They are complaining because when I'm on the computer it is as if I am not home. I said if I'm not entertaining enough for you, find something else to do.

They are of course right. This damn computer, that damn website, and email all conspire to make me one of the worst moms/homemakers I've ever heard of. Not true. I've heard of lots worse. But I'm the worst of the ones who aren't actually committing any crimes.

Maybe it's making me a better writer though. I'm going around calling myself a writer these days. And the kids say I'm a writer. So we are all drinking the same koolaid at least. Koolaid is not very nourishing. Happy will be the day when all this talking matches up with the walking. Show me the money!!

Time to muster up the gumption. Time to apply nose to grindstone. Actually. It would probably benefit all of us right now for me to do some dishes and vacuum even more than it would for a big fat check to arrive. The thing of it is (there's a phrase that should be excised from every sentence in which it appears -- the thing?) I think the girls could be doing all that stuff. Of course kids with lousy moms aren't industrious, responsible little elves. They are too busy listlessly complaining about everything that they they are being deprived of by their shiftless mom.

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