Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Today Is the First Day of.................

...my new career as a freelance writer. So far, on the job, I have read a chapter and a half outta "The Writer's Handbook 2004" and sat down here to do this.

Good for me.

Also today, my youngest daughter went to her first day of first grade. That's good for her. And my oldest daughter went to her first day of fourth grade. We're all rockin'! And my husband went to work with a bag of stuff, I don't know what and he has a meeting after work. At the girls' school. So, he seems to be good too.

Sometimes, my husband and I don't communicate. He's not an idle chitchat kinduva guy. Sometimes I feel downright dumb when I just rattle off what my day has been like. Like I'm either bragging (I got a load of laundry almost all the way done today!) or complaining (It was so hot at the playground.) and he's really not interested. I think it is normal when two people have known each other intimately for a long time -- I mean intimate like knowing what they've eaten for most meals, what they wish their meals had been, what their farts smell like, how they drive, how they crinkle their faces when they concentrate, all the little itty bitty things that you only absorb through constant contact -- when you know someone to that degree, it is normal that when they say, "I'm pretty tired." it can mean, or seem to mean, much more. It means "I don't want to cook" or "Do we have to talk about this now." or "I don't want to be around you." or "I'm tired." Y'know, I can only just barely imagine that it would only mean I'm tired.

I guess prison cellmates are the only people who get to know each other as well as husbands and wives. But I know very little about prison life.

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You're funny.