Thursday, September 02, 2004

Clutter Clearing Campaign

Perhaps it's a faux pax to use the word campaign from now till mid-November. What the hey.

Anyway, so. I am having a surge of energy in the direction of space. Wow, that sounds refreshing, don't it. I probably mean in the area of space. No, that too sounds loopy. I'm having a loopy surge of energy. Ensurgey. That's what I'm having. So, anyway, yeah. I'm motivated to get rid of stuff. At least, I think I am. Then I think of that orange silk oversized blazer that I have had for so many years. I just love that stupid thing. It has no place in my life. I imagine that maybe one day Lana will want to wear it, or Larissa. I remember how good I felt in it the last time I wore it. But, wait, now I remember that I have already de-cluttered the dress I wore it with. Maybe I already decluttered the blazer. That will be amusing. What if I have already moved beyond the piece that I'm troubling over not being able to move beyond! I think that means that if I come across it, I can fling it.

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