Monday, September 13, 2004

the woe of the lost blog

I had to start a new blog today. A haiku blog. Because I wrote a blog here, on this stupid blog, and it got et by some computer malfunction. Poof gone-o. Heck.

I have nothing to say else. I said it all. But I don't want anybody thinking that I haven't written since Sept 7, cuz that's just wrong. I wrote today. But since I have nothing else to say, I'm saying this. And since I had mmmm hmmmm well, something to express after the lost blog experience, i wrote a haiku to crystalize that feeling.

It's meaningful that that blog got poofed, because it was a blog about meaninglessness. And about being on a bummer. And then it had a really gummy sentimental ending about not letting my little girl down.

Yes. It's true. It's a blessing to us all that sentimenal assortment of pixels (the lost blog) got wiped.

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