Friday, May 14, 2010

Follow Along With Kitchen Katastrophe!

I woke up at three this morning, yes, 3:oo a.m. The thought of what my kid would eat while she was out all day with her class -- oh, you know, one of those bravery team-work adventure things that classes do -- struck a chill in my heart. I have been sick all week and the house is not at its toply hummingest. Do we even have packable lunch foods? She's going to be out exerting herself all day. That's a 100% increase over her usual level of exertion. I thought of my good old reliable whole wheat muffin recipe and got out of bed to start cooking. The muffins are reliable indeed and turned out well except for when it came time to turn them out. I used my non-stick heart-shaped muffin tins, and I even sprayed that nasty cooking spray in there. But the muffins still stuck. I had to pry them out with a lettuce knife (hey, it's thin, and it's plastic and it's not like I have any other use for it). Half of them came out split down the middle. But half of them came out okay. So that's okay.

Then I went on! I made these little mini muffin frittata things that I saw a recipe for yesterday. Once I looked at the recipe, I thought four eggs is not that eggie for 12 muffin cups, and I wanted to give her something with a lot of protein. So I added an egg. And I omitted the half an onion because I didn't feel like cutting up an onion at 5am. So, I mix it all up, mix mix mix, gotta mix a lot because our backyard hens' eggs don't mix as easily as store-bought eggs. I don't know why but I'm sure it's another indication of our eggs' betterness. I did not use my heart muffins for this. Just a regular ol' muffin tin. Yes, it's true, I didn't wash a single dish in between recipes. I'm on a deadline! She's gotta leave at 6:30.

I guess I over-filled my muffin cups, because I could only fill seven of them. I was expecting to make 12. And again, non-stick pan, icky spray, and they're all sticking to the pan like glue anyway. Not like glue, okay. I am able to pry them out. But they have clearly been traumatized by the experience. Gah. Am I going to have to start individually greasing each cup in each tin when I make muffin-shaped foods? What is this -- the middle ages?!? Next time I make this I will use more eggs, more flour, and perhaps a lower temperature and longer cooking time.... Anyway, they aren't bad. Her dad got up and ate one and he said it was good. I felt successful. I packed her a yummy lunch and snacks that would make any traveling athlete happy.

When she got up at 6 she reminded me that two months ago we wrote a check for eleven dollars -- to pay for her lunch and snacks at the event. She doesn't need to bring any food.

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Paprikapink said...

Re-reading this, I find that I crack myself up. Usually pathetic losers provoke a pity response in me, but when it's me myself, I just have to laugh.