Saturday, October 03, 2009


Somehow, Larissa got it into her head that she wanted chocolate cake. Being the resourceful modern gal that she is, she Googled it and found this link:
Yes. A homemade chocolate cake that you mix in a mug and bake in a microwave. And shock of shocks, it's pretty tasty!

As you can see, it rises pretty well.

Don't even need a potholder to take it out of the oven if your mug has a handle.

Light and fluffy.

Hey! It didn't occur to us at first that we could actually get it out of the mug, but it just slipped right out. Heck, we could even frost it if we wanted to go whole hog.

All in all, the experiment is judged a success. Although we did have to keep testing revisions. This first batch, we decided, had a bit too much peanut butter and baked a smidge too long.

Here's Lana, mixing directly in the mug.

Ready for the microwave.

Whoa, a little overflowy!

But tastes great! As you can see, Lana is quite astonished at her accomplishment. This one had 1/3 the peanut butter as the first cake. Judged better, but why add peanut butter at all?

Turns out Larissa is a tireless mugcake baker.

This one has no peanut butter and we cooked it just over two minutes.

Perhaps that's not enough cooking. But maybe that's not a bad thing.

I mean, doesn't that look...FESTIVE?

And, ultimately, mugcake hangover.
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Monica Fletcher said...

Wow, this is a little scary, easy bake for real, a little too easy. Better lock up your ingredients. Very great photos, I could almost taste them.