Sunday, December 21, 2008


I've been using Jott, mostly in the car.

I'm always lamenting that while I'm driving I'll think of something clever or something I need to do later, and then never think of it again -- or even worse, remember that I thought of something worth noting but can't remember what it was.

This Jott thing, see, addresses that lament. While I'm driving, or anytime, I call Jott, say "Jott Notes," then say what I want to note and hang up. Later I can log on and all my notes are there for me on my Jott dashboard. If I wanted to pay a little monthly fee (I think it's $3.95/mo for the cheapest plan), I could Jott directly to my Google calendar or other link. Even for free I can Jott to twitter (where I am paprikapink, in case you wondered. So far it's another thing I'm not so sure about.)

So far, Jott is okay. My car's hands-free phone speaker is not okay. "Did you say 'call job?' Did you say call jog?' ... and then when I do reach Jott, some of the transcriptions of my notes are less than helpful. When they jumble "Cassini" into "messina" that's no big deal. I can unscramble that by deduction or from memory. But "Ask Carolyn to check" -- what's that mean? I know one Carolyn, but I didn't jott about her, I don't need to check anything with her....I think I said something completely else, and I'm left back in paragraph one. I blame the speakerphone for these miscues.

It's a potentially useful tool. Could stave off dementia for months. But it may take me months to get efficient at it, so, could be a wash.

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