Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Invisible Circle

My signature in my posts on the Absolute Write Forums:

I'm proud to be part of Dawno's Invisible Circle.
... When he left for Iraq I reminded him that there was this huge invisible circle of people, some I don't even really know, that see his picture and send their good thoughts, prayers and support his way. He was very moved by it and I know it's one of the things he relies on when he's down or afraid. ~Dawno

And it's true too. I've never met him, hell, I've never even met Dawno in person, but I think of her son Matt every single day. Several times a day. And I know lots of other people do too. The war is far away, and yet it reaches all the way here. I wish we could, I hope we can, reach all the way there.

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