Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't throw the booth out with the wires!

That's where we went wrong. We got rid of pay-phones, right, don't need those much anymore. But hey! We still need phone BOOTHS. That is what's missing in the new age of portable communication. A sense of decorum and privacy and consideration. They didn't put pay-phones into booths for technological reasons. They could just set it on a counter somewhere and have you slip in a dime. They put it in a booth because a phone call is between you and the person on the other phone. But if you have the conversation out in the open, by nature it becomes a conversation between you and the person on the other phone and everyone within 20 feet of you and, worse case scenario, everyone within 20 feet of your conversant. So of course people are behaving badly -- we took away their mechanism for manners, but left them with the device for disturbance!

Bring back the booth!


Ritergal said...

Where is Clark Kent going to change clothes? What will teenagers stuff bodies into to set records? With both the phone booth and outhouse gone, what will pranksters tip over on Halloween?

Bring back the phone booth!

Cynthia Bronco said...

That is so true. I will sign that petition!

Heather Wardell said...

Forget phone booths, where can I get myself a cone of silence? :)

And thanks for your comment on my blog regarding my story's first page on Nathan's blog. (I think that's the road map. :) I just went and found yours - I love the "paperwork. Or any work" part!