Wednesday, May 09, 2007

So Many Brilliant Thoughts

...too bad I never have any when I'm writing. Even in my blog.

I haven't hated my job too too much this week. Even tho the exact things that I fretted about last time I blogged on the sujet are still hot buttons. But I've felt okay. I had a success somewhere, I guess. Interestingly, people have been mentioning to me when I take a phone message for them or when the come into the office to drop off a check, how much they appreciate me and how glad they are that I'm there. Sometimes that makes me feel great. Sometimes it makes me feel worse -- like if only they knew what a shitty job I'm doing, they wouldn't feel so appreciative. Like I'm tricking them or something. Especially about things like school records or even class photos. I have fits!

The whole idea of a "permanent record" is terrifying. It's a myth that it's a myth. There really is one. And what if I lose someone's? Will they cease to exist? How will they get along in the world without it? Accccck!

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