Friday, December 30, 2005

Pete's Sake

Time for a little update of all the things I've done wrong today.

Sat down to plunk out some words -- what if I would write 2000 words right now, what venue would I use? Pick up again the story that I set aside so I could work on NaNo? Look again at the NaNo story? Blog entry? Something altogether else? First, I'll peek at the Absolute Write boards.

Read alla those. I read a whole thread about Aston West. What is wrong with me? Found a post mentioning another board, saying it was slow and confusing. Went to check it out. Found it slow. And confusing. But how did the people who post there get past that?

Pretended to wake up my sleepy-head little girl by carrying her out to the couch, near where I am sitting not working. Didn't really wake her up though. She's been asleep on the couch for an hour now.

That means it's been more than an hour that I have been not working/writing.

What else have I done wrong today? That doesn't really seem like that much, although it does get me well-situated on the top of the ski-jump for a nonstop ride of wrong things. I guess I could go back a couple of hours and cite sleeping till 7:30. Maybe even later. Now I don't remember when I got up.

I'm ready for another cup of tea though. That's for sure. There are but ice-cold dregs in this cup.

Speaking of ice-cold. When I got daughter up, I put my cozy knee blanket over her. So now my cozy knees are cold. But since then, the blanket has slipped off of her. And I want her to wake up, for pete's sake. So, do I take the blanket off the floor and put it on my knees and keep writing? Or do I put it back on my cold little sleeping child? Or do I set aside the laptop and the lapwarmer and rouse the kid? It's past 9:00 for pete's sake.

Why not let her sleep? Because if she sleeps in the morning, she won't go to sleep at night. If she doesn't go to sleep at night, well, it's probably not good for her, and it means her dad and I have no grown-up time.

Another wrong thing. We're going to have pie for breakfast. It's a custardy squash pie with lotsa eggs and milk. And she hates breakfast. She'll probably just reject it anyway. Everymorning, breakfasttime is another reminder of what a failure I am. Bad mother. Bad! Bad! No walk for you.

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Unique said...

There is nothing wrong with pie for breakfast.

Scrambled eggs are overrated and I won't pay $3.00+ a box for cereal unless I can eat the box.

Growing kids need sleep. Lots and lots and lots of sleep. You aren't a bad mom; you're ahead of the trend. :)