Friday, July 23, 2004

Yesterday I heard my husband say to someone on the phone that something was "very cool."

Are we going to have to stop saying "cool" in a few years? Is there an upper age limit for that expression? It seems so phony when people use expressions outside their generation...but we own cool, don't we? or is it, like, a youth expression? and what about "like"?

I've felt that I've overused cool in my life and have tried to work around it. But what else is there? I saw a cartoon (in the New Yorker?) of a kid asking a grownup how did they say "whatever" in the 60s. And I thought, yeah, how? Cool I think may have been "neat!" or even "nifty." Well, some applications of cool could be caught with those two. But not, of course, the real sense of cool, as in detached, above it, (heartless, uncaring).

Who cares? Wow, what a stupid thing to even think about. Whatever.



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