Monday, December 21, 2009

Speaking of Baked Alaska...

...we were speaking of Baked Alaska, weren't we? Well, and I were. I made this comment on their Facebook fan page:
I made Baked Alaska for two birthday cakes in 2008 using Amy Sedaris's recipe in her funny yet practical "I Like You" cookbook. It's fairly straightforward. But for some of us, just baking a cake is a major undertaking. (I made brownies.) Maybe I'm just not a skilled enough cook to bake one component, have one frozen, one whipped to defy gravity, and then broil all of it at 500 degrees without burning and/or melting and call it easy. It's a lotta dishes and a lotta work. But it's delicious! and spectacular! and fun! I heartily recommend it, just don't underestimate what you're getting into.
Slowing Christmas is a great idea. You might want to be their fan too:

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