Sunday, May 10, 2009

a little catchup

I got "Food Matters" by Mark Bittman as a Mother's Day gift from my kids and I LOVE it. I want to write all about how I love it and what I would add. But that just reminds me of what I want to write--and left hanging--about Sharon Astyk's book. So I'm gonna see if I can resuscitate that post. Then I can come back to this...and now I have two dangling posts....

Okay, so I'll give this post a little more substance before I leave it. Today is a beautiful, gorgeous day. Warm; it'll be hot later but right now, just plain loverly. I'm inside, but I don't feel too guilty about it. I can see our verdant yard from every window. I hear birds twittering, breezes rustling, and squirrels scolding outside, and light streams in from the skylight above me. It's quite nice in here. I like that about this house. One can appreciate The Day even if one is inside all day.

Oh, and I have some "No Work Whole Grain Bread" from Bittman's book rising on the stove. We'll see how it turns out. I didn't have enough of the right kind of yeast, so I improvised. I used the little bit of instant rise yeast that I had and then supplemented with active, which I proofed first even tho the recipe calls for just throwing it all in there. So. We'll see! It was impetuous--we actually happen to have plenty of bread right now. But I wanted to try it.

Daughter One is out with friends, visiting the Whole Earth Festival which we never attended (maybe once) while we were in Davis because I considered it too crowded. Now she's a big girl and can handle that sort of thing. Daughter Two and my husband/her dad are at (I hope) our new gym, having a swim. It may seem counter-intuitive that we are joining a gym even as we are transitioning to a rice and bean diet anaconda we are out of money...but finding a consistent way and means of exercising has become a health and well-being imperative. And we're doing virtually no other summer activities. This is our summer camp/class/trip and everything. And it's something that the whole family benefits from. Because we can't do everything should not mean that we don't do things that are important.


Monica Fletcher said...

Hey you is some smart thinker, I will check out your readings, and I particularly liked your depression as hot lava and your refuge on furniture, great.

Monica Fletcher said...

I just read a great book about your neck of the woods, Edges of Bounty by Wm Emery, about the small craft farmer hidden amongst megafarms in the central valley. Really charming with fresh quirky photographs and a memoirist's brave and occasionally annoying personal stances that are not run of the mill. Check it out.