Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My comment in response to the comments at this econowhiner post veered off into a new subject, so I'm posting it here instead:

"...skipping the most basic grooming (brushing teeth) and tethering yourself to electronic time wasters will lead to clinical depression."

Isn't that kind of like saying that a sore throat and runny nose will lead to a cold? Once depressed, can we really just tell ourselves to stop exhibiting the symptoms?

I picture depression as the "hot lava" and our worthwhile quotidian activities as the pieces of furniture we hop around on to avoid falling into it. It's always there waiting for a few days not spent being useful and then schlkup it sucks you in. Is it a game, and we can just say 'that fall doesn't count cuz the cat hogged the end table' and get up on the coffee table? Or do we just sink lower and lower and glup gone under until mom comes along and says 'you kids get outside; don't waste this beautiful weather'?

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