Tuesday, December 09, 2008

what's the thrill?

what? do i think there's going to be a check in my email? why do i want to open my laptop first thing every morning? next thing every morning? right when i come home from anwywhere? after every task i complete? i go back and open it up again. check my email. check the news. check my recommendations. check ... uh, let's see, there was another thing i was going to look up, i know....well, i'll check the news again. check for recipes. checked everything. time to get up. get busy. check my email one more time. check the news. check my buddy's blog. okay, i'll find out what jennifer said about angelina. check my horoscope. check the news. oh, hi kids! did you want breakfast? i'm busy!

1 comment:

Heather Wardell said...

Other than the kids and Angelina, I'm here too. I'm working on getting better, because really... do I want to be known for my string of highly successful novels or for my email and blog comments?

Yeah. So why am I here? :) (Because I already spent hours today on my writing and this is break time. That's cool. It's the days it goes in reverse that aren't so great!)