Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is religion weird?

Saying magic words as we slit an animal's throat, wearing clothes that cover certain parts of us and expose others, this one's okay to eat -- that one's not, having a guy in funny clothes say special words before we become a couple, it's all made up. We made this stuff up because we needed it at one time in history for something... maybe to protect us from real threats like tainted meat or inbreeding, but usually, it seems, to scare someone less powerful into doing what someone else needed them to do. Like accept their miserable living conditions and work like slaves to build big buildings or grow cash crops instead of food and tithe, tithe, tithe. That kind of thing. In most cases these beliefs aren't necessary anymore, they're optional. But we've grown dependent on them. Or something...they're fun? What? Why do educated modern people accept these stories as reality? Do they think they would run amok without these restraints, dictates, decrees, commandments? Why do we have to have all these rules and rituals to believe in some other more powerful thing than ourselves? What about considering the possibility that that Thing does exist, but it's up to us to figure out for ourselves the right way to live? Too scary? What?

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