Friday, December 19, 2008

Green Myths

Read the whole article by Matthew McDermott at The article includes references to back up the claims. Here's a brief summary:

Green Myth #1: Genetically Modified Crops Have Higher Crop Yields and Help Reduce Poverty

But really the only ones benefitting from GMOs are the companies who make them.

Green Myth #2: Clean Coal Technology Will Solve the Coal Pollution Problem

No one believes this, do they? Coal is dirty, dirty, dirty period. Okay, maybe that's too negative -- maybe someday they'll figure out a way to make coal clean; but for now, just reducing the carbon emissions doesn't come close to making it "clean." At all.

Green Myth #3: Developing Nations Need to Stop Having Babies

Uh, how 'bout developed nations stop using up all the resources and generating so much trash and pollution? Spread out the resources and an evening-out of birth-rates is a likely consequence. Even if not, we've still gotta stop hogging the Earth. Also, this article doesn't mention it, but aren't people in developing nations living longer? If undeveloped nations are supposed to birth less, shouldn't develop nations share the burden and die more? The whole line of reasoning is unsound and inhumane.

Green Myth #4: Wind Turbines Are a Serious Threat to Birds

Our pet cats and windows are killing as many if not more.

Green Myth #5: Small Green Steps Won’t Make a Big Difference

This is the myth I fall prey to. It's easy to get discouraged. But at least taking small steps puts you on the moral high ground. And from there you can make a much better argument for the big steps.

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