Wednesday, November 05, 2008

California Gay Marriage Banned As Proposition 8 Passes

I feel terrible about this proposition. We care more about chicken's rights than human rights? I feel I bear a lot of responsibility for this proposition passing. I didn't donate money, I didn't volunteer time, I didn't even put up a freakin' sign. I didn't think it would make any difference. I was giving what little money I had to Obama's campaign. But the Obama campaign has clearly demonstrated that the little things that each of us can do really can make all the difference. I was so proud to be a Californian when our Supreme Court recognized the legality of marriage for all. Now I just feel terrible.
About Gay Marriage
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cheezel said...

I'm really happy to hear about the chickens, calves, and sows. Their treatment is really, really, really bad.

As for prop 8, I hope it will feed a backlash against the influence of craxy out-of-state religionists. Also, with Obama picking Supreme Court justices, perhaps there is a chance the court can review some of these anti-gay laws and state constitutional amendments in light of the 14th amendment and reverse the trend.