Wednesday, August 08, 2007

help help I can't get dressed

I just sit down at the computer in the morning to read the news and catch up on email while I drink my coffee. Next thing I know it's four hours (4 hours!) later and I'm still in my pjs and I've got 6 different windows going with 6 different things I intend to wrap up before I get up and get going. It's like trying to get myself outta bed used to be. At least now I can get up. I guess.

One can do so many many useful things on a computer. Like make a list of all your books and how you rate them, and then you can see which of your friends has similar books. Isn't that useful? And you can post all of your dad's rants about the world condition, if you are lucky enough to have same, in case some day you want to make it clear to someone just what kinduvan upbringing you've had. And you can keep track of your calendar and your invitations and look for groups who meet near you about random topics -- I was looking for a simple living meeting, but it's good to know about the dungeons and dragons groups and greyhound rescue too -- even if you don't find your own topic. And you can find things to buy, even things to buy to help you with your problem of buying too many things!

A clarification is in order, however. Do these useful things still qualify as useful if they are done instead of the dishes, the laundry, the writing, the exercising, the shopping, the knitting.....Hmmm? Answers please? I'm waiting........

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