Sunday, March 19, 2006

Just Stirring the Pot

The girls are on the floor playing a board game; Chris is in the former office turning it into Lana's bedroom-to-be. It's drastic now, the contrast between the bedroom to be and the existing bedroom. The new room just got a fresh coat of paint in fun colors and he's installing a lovely, smooth, glossy, light-colored floor. And the sun shines in there. When it was the office we had a big bookcase blocking part of the window so we couldn't appreciate all that sunshine. And in the bedroom that Lana's leaving, and Larissa's staying in, oh my, dreary. Getting half the furniture and c.r.a.p. out of there will contribute to the equalization...but until we get that one painted and floored, there'll be quite a discrepancy. Then the grown-ups' room.

Still on jury duty. Should, probably finish tomorrow. If not, certainly the next day. Oy.

My brother- and sister-in-law called today. Got to practice my French. Where they are it is still cold cold cold and snowy. The farm animals have to stay in the barn all the time, for 6 months of the year. That's different. 'Specially since I'm in California.

Larissa and I are reading "The Penderwicks." We're enjoying it, but Larissa is feeling pretty stressed by the stressful parts. Lana is going through books so fast the publishing industry can't keep up. Chris and I sometimes read Lana's books after she's done. YA books are pretty good these days. And Lana often reads Larissa's books before we get to them to fill in the time between her own books. She liked the Penderwicks too.

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Unique said...

Six months of winter sounds pretty gruesome. I'm glad it's not me. :)

I'm glad to see you back posting on your blog. I've missed you.