Saturday, January 14, 2006

Where Do I Get the Big L for My Forehead?

Only a bonafide Loser would be reluctant to enter a contest that accepts only a small number of entries because she doesn't want to take up a better entrant's potential spot. Right?

Meanwhile I am still struggling to master, or at least manage, this danged Dvorak keyboard. I'm no Jenna Glatzer, but I am a fast typist. There're no kinks twixt brain and fingers when I type QUERTY. But relearning to type is a butt-kicker! I can feel my leetle synapses stuggling to fire at every juncture. Kinda like when intestinal distress brings on more awareness of your digestive tract than you ever thought possible.

Plus. A thought has to stay in my thought-holding-place for so long while it waits to be launched. My thought-holding-place, I'm realizing, is small and dingey. Like a remote rural bus station. Nobody's gonna hang around there waiting for that damned too-slow bus if they can find any other possible means of escape -- even if it means never reaching their highest and best use. Tragic.

Ha! Flyng out of my brain is probably those thoughts' only chance in Hell of ever acheiving anything. Pathetic.


Dawno said...

Enter the contest! But I know how you feel, I'm still struggling with the idea of Dawno as a writer vs. Dawno as a dabbler with words.

Re training yourself in a new touch typing technique is doubly hard since it's not just the brain but the muscle memory in the hands that need retraining - I'm quite in awe of anyone who even attempts this. I'm rooting for you!

What's up with the job?

emeraldcite said...

Enter. By doing, you'll find, is the only way to get things done.

Your lucky numbers are 23, 45, 1, 13.

Also, I tag you for the reach deep into your archive and see what comes out meme.

Come check it out at

It'll be fun and it's all Dawno's fault!

Paprikapink said...

Funny, I'm perfectly comfortable with the idea of Dawno as writer!

Matt gave me three prime numbers. Those are my favorite!

emeraldcite said...

Prime numbers. That is odd... with the exception of 45...

maybe there's meaning there...hmmmm