Wednesday, December 14, 2005

What's in Your Oven?

I've got a big ol' turkey in mine. True, today is not the last Thursday in November, nor is it the 25th day of December. I didn't get to roast a big bird on Thanksgiving because I had the good fortune to be a guest at someone's house, and I kinda like to roast a big bird from time to time, so post-thanksgiving organic frozen turkeys being on sale; I brought one home and thawed it out.

Possibly a mistake. Once thawed, I'm committed to cooking it. Letting a pound of ground beef hang around the fridge too long and then having to throw it out is bad, but a 16-pound turkey is worse. (I don't think it's 16 times worse though. Something about the relative mass of a turkey vs a cow....) ANYWAY.

So, I'm roasting it. I put it in at 1 -- wait, was it 1:30? Shoot. Well, I'll have to check it at, um, 30 minutes earlier than I was thinking I was going to check it at, which is, um. 3:30? That's rather awkward because I pick the girls up at 3:00. Must race straight home to take the poor bird's temperature.

And for a while there I had a bird *and* four loaves of Orange Walnut Raisin Cinammon Bread with Craisins in there too. I took them out too soon, because I was eager to get the bird in there so it would be done in time for us to eat it. Then I had to put them back in. With the bird. Delicious flavor, the bread has. Rather mushy inside though. And now it will probably also have turkey-breath and hard-as-rock-outside too. Delightful.

I was so foolish as to bake bread on the morning of the day that the turkey has to roast because today is Wednesday. Friday is the last day before Xmas break at my kids' school. So we've gotta have those teacher gifts in hand by Friday afternoon. I wanted to get a jump on the gift loaves of Orange Walnut etc etc bread.

Even tho they have turned out somewhat horridly, it's still possibly something of a good thing that I baked them today. Next time I will be more experienced. So they'll be better. Right.


Dawno said...

Hi Pink! How was the turkey? I'm enjoying your blog, I'll try to come by more often.

Hope you'll come visit the blogging forum and share your blog with us there. It'd be nice to see you around!

Unique said...

Bread with 'turkey breath'? hee hee. It's a good thing ol' Johnny W's here with me - we'll be by later on for some Turkey Breath Bread with Craisins....

Paprikapink said...

Hi Dawno! Thanks for dropping by. Your blogging forum is what has inspired me to pay a little more attention to my blog. I haven't posted there yet. I'm running all my posts-to-be through a filter: "Is this worth my time to type/anyone else's time to read?" so far nothing much has made it through since November!

Hi Unique! Thank you for dropping by too! I've made four more of those crazy little loaves of bread. All we need now are some fishes....