Friday, November 18, 2005

This and That

Lana's birthday party is this weekend. She's having a very small sleepover. So, it's not an enormously stressful deal, but even so, I want it to be fun and special for her. So, it's a small stress. And I've had a busy week in general. So although today is Friday, and her party is tomorrow afternoon, I still have lots to do to be ready for it. Ulp.

Got my "100 Years Of The New Yorker" a day or so ago. It looks great, but I haven't installed it yet. It comes with a very nice "companion volume" of reading material, and that's pretty dang good all by itself. But I am looking forward to perusing the whole collection. I haven't stepped up to that yet because (here's one of those things...long list of reasons...) the DVD drive on this little laptop doesn't work. That's okay because I have an external drive. Trouble with that is that the drive doesn't really have a good place to live. No desk/office arrangement for me has manifested itself yet in the house. So for now the drive is set up on a shelf next to my bed. Unfortunately, that area is somewhat cluttered and disorganized and messy and unpleasant. So I want to clean it up before I start using it for something that's special to me, like my New Yorker DVDs. It's stupid. You'd think if I wanted to clean something up, it'd be done already.

Speaking of the kitchen, nevermind about that.

Today is the Thanksgiving Feast at the girls' school. I'll be heading over there in about 45 minutes, with my crockpot full of soup. Each class will perform something. Then, I've been informed, there's some audience participation thing. Yuck. Then we all bring our bowls and spoons to the table laden with soups and bread. Then we go home for a week.

This year we are Thanksgivinging at home. I better order a turkey.

November is really simply too much for me.

Chris's birthday is Sunday and I haven't done a dratted thing about it yet. Sheesh.

I've got to go and get ready for going to school. -- oh, why aren't I ready already, considering I've already been there once today? Because, this week, I have been dressing in sweats, taking the girls to school, then zipping back thisaway and going to my local gym-like-entity. It's called "Butterfly Life." Wunna them ladies' workout places. I like it, to tell ya the truth. Not many people there, and those that are there are non-threatening. I can make the workout as easy as I need it to be and I have lots of room to develop more strenght/endurance as I'm ready. And it's quick, less than an hour. But. It costs money. I'm now in the middle of my one-week free trial. Then I'll have a $99/two-month trial. Then, if I keep up the pace during that time, I'll sign up for a year. That's the trouble. It's $40/month for a year. Sheesh. So, to support my exercise habit, I'm giving up coffee. I've just been drinking it because I'm a junkie anyway, not because I even really like it anymore. Now I drink tea and cocoa.

Didn't I say I've gotta go? I've gotta go.

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