Monday, December 13, 2004

Reasons Not To Write

1. Anything I might say is stupid.
2. Anything I might say has been said before.
3. I'm an amatuer.
4. I should be vacuuming my backyard. Heh Heh. Just kidding. Just the patio. I really should vacuum the patio. We have a shop-vac kinda thing for that purpose, among others. We also got to use the shop-vac kinda thing last week for vacuuming up water. No, not out of the pool. That might be fun to try one time though. No, we ("we" as in my husband) vacuumed up the water that I ("I" as in me) let run run run run run run run into the washbasin over the edge of the basin into the litterbox over the edge of the litterbox onto the floor the floor the floor till the floor was all full of water then under the doorsill into the garage the garage the garage and under the garage door out into the street. Yes, many things were soaked during the course of all that running. My husband did the cleaning up purely because he's a sweetheart. And because we both figured that I'd probably flip out if I had to do it.
5. I should be cooking and eating.
6. I should be making a list.
7. I should be sending xmas gifts to farflung relatives.
8. I should be writing xmas cards.
9. I should be figuring out what photo to use for xmas cards.
10. My tummy hurts. Or as I read recently, I have a headache in my stomach. I read that in a blurb on a bookjacket about a book about books for teenagers. How brutal they've become since the 70s. I would agree. Let's leave the misery to the grownups. What's the rush?
11. I should be doing something with the girls' room. But what? What the heck am I to do with that chaos? I think it's Wrong for me to just throw away their things, things that they love and want. Yes, I've tried just boxing stuff up and waiting till they forget about it. I now have five enormous bins in my garage not being forgotten about. But leaving the stuff in their room is so oppressive. It makes me want to turn inside out just to go in there. So yeah, I should be doing that.
12. I shouldn't be allowed to write until I've done everything else I'm supposed to do, and done it right.

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