Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Why buy the cow?

Perhaps it's not good to blog when you dream of being A Writer. As in, paid for this shit. I want to just dump stuff down here. But I shouldn't put garbage anyplace where it could be read. That doesn't reflect very well on my brilliance. Or my brilliance isn't well reflected or something. Something brilliant like that.

Speaking of brilliant, lord lord. Here's my day:

Alarm signals 5:50 am. I hit snooze. 5:55 I turn it off. Stay in bed. Chris's alarm signals 5:59, he gets up. I coerce my lazy butt outta bed. If I want to take a shower, I've got to get in there now or I won't be out when he needs to go in. And if I don't go in before him, I won't get a shower. And, I need a shower. So at least I'm up. Though I generally manage once up to thump right through the basic steps of getting ready, somehow today I spent quite a bit of time wandering from kitchen to bedroom and back and forth and back, making tea, obstensibly, in my undies.

Made breakfast, ate breakfast, made lunches. Clean litter box. I did eventually get dressed. And even did my hair. Got us all out the door. Including Chris. He's off on a business trip so he needed a ride to work because blah blah blah business trip. So we drive to school. Chris is BMOC now and he has to have several earnest conversations with other grown-ups. The girls show him their classrooms. Again, I think. The bell rings, off they go, two big school girls. Chris and I hit the road again. I drive him to work. "Bye, have a good trip, love you."

Back to Woodland. Drop off drycleaning. Buy gas. Turn into parking lot at Long's and then just go right out the other exit. Just didn't seem like a good idea. Come home, eat "mocha madness" trail mix. Make coffee.

Sit down at computer. then...what? sorta kinda, well, really, I guess I did research "what to do with your pool in the off-season." Sent a nice message to the webmaster at the Daily Democrat, our local newspaper-like-substance to tell him some of the links that didn't work. Also contact the classified lady to find out about placing an ad for a garage sale this weekend. Somehow found "thriftyfun.com" and spent a long long long time there. I spent a long long long time doing all of this.

I didn't actually write anything, I don't think. I looked in my "Writer's handbook" for how I query the "lifestyle" editor at my local paper to see if they'd love a piece on how to do your pool for the winter. Couldn't find it.

Oh, here. Let's look on my "history tab." Oh. Well. It turns out I visited 61 websites today. That reminds, me I also entered the poetry in motion contest at poetry.com. I did write something! And I found lots of sources for future brilliance.

Eventually, the time between when I drop the kids off and when I pick the kids up was dead. I had killed. I went to get them. They were hungry. We went to In and Out, stopping first for cash. We all ate everything. Then we went to the Davis Library. They each chose 4 books. I looked for literary mags to which I might be able submit anything. Found "Brain, Child." Otherwise, just regular newstand mags. And "Writer's" and "The Writer" or whatever they are called. I got one of each. And "Feel this Book" by Ben and Janeane (that's Stiller, not Affleck, btw). And "When you come to the fork in the road, take it," by yogi. Brain, Child I have glanced at and it is great.

So, that killed the time from when I got the girls till we came home. Larissa, bless her heart, was nearly asleep by the time we got home, 6ish. I suggested they practice biking. They visited the neighbors and their dogs. I...surfed? I don't remember. It wasn't constructive, I know that. Then Lana practiced viola. Larissa played with Oprah. Then they convinced me that inandout wasn't dinner. So at 7:3o they had macaroni and cheese.

wow, this is not a high-scoring day motherhood wise.

everytime I went into the computer, I was planning to reorder my nutritional supplements. except for this time. I was planning to do this. But I did surf "flyinginsacramento" for about 56 minutes before I started this.

This is drivvel, please, don't let anyone think that I don't know that. It is constructive tho. It is reopening those rusty valves and gates that go from the stuff inside my head to the tips of my fingers. sskjsjakfjskfjaskjfiasjfwenf
like that.

too bad the stuff in side my head is drivvel! moooo. good night.

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